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AudienceView Academy is two full days of hands-on learning opportunities with AudienceView Unlimited Experts with three tracks for training and learning as well as the opportunity to work one-on-one with SMEs in the Learning Lounge. 

Some sessions you can look forward to at this year's AudienceView Academy include:

Referrer Codes: You’ll learn how to apply Referrer Codes to links and then track their response in BI and Reports.

Digital Wallet: This session will give you all the know-how you need to design stylish digital tickets that your customers can download from their online account or their email confirmation.

Google Analytics: Learn how to connect your site to your Google Tag Manager account, and push different kinds of tracking code into its pages to measure online activity.

CSS: Armed with this information from this session, you can begin to make simple changes to the styling through updates to the site-level stylesheet.

Exchanges: This session will look at all the system configuration to turn on exchanges, how to define exchange rules and charges, and report on exchange actions.

Batch Refunds: You’ll learn how to find the Orders affected, delete the right admissions and refund their value, plus along the way we’ll share some useful tips and tricks to make this a smooth ‘Best Practice’ process for event cancellations.

New BI: You’ll learn how to navigate the New BI entities to write far-reaching BI queries that break down the walls between the traditional BI Objects - and not only on transactional data, but also on configuration.

Financial Reconciliation: This session clarifies the way that receivables and payment allocation work, and why it’s so important to ensure all payments have been properly allocated, and offers practical tips and tricks to ensure 100% allocation accuracy.

PLUS: Attending AudienceView Academy gives AudienceView Unlimited users the chance to connect with one another to network and share ideas and best practices.

Sessions will begin first thing in the morning on Tuesday the 14th, so if you are travelling in, we recommend arriving on Monday evening.